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CS-6400 Auto Chemistry Analyzer



CS-6400B auto-chemistry analyzer is a new member of DIRUI CS series analyzer. It can meet the requirements of large size hospitals and labs.

  • The world  fastest  chemistry analyzer,  which  can reach the speed of 7360T/H
  • CS-6400 is made up of 1 to 4 modules, each module can reach constant speed of 1600T/H, 3200T/H, 4800T/H, 6400T/H and 1 ISE module.
  • Cutting-edge design concept– “modular combination”.
  • Independent module control and alternate operation to avoid downtime.
  • Customizable and flexible assembly of various module combinations.
  • Double probes for sample in each module.
  • Four probes for reagent in each module.
  • Large capacity sample stage (30 racks, 300 samples).
  • Long time walk away operation
  • Connectable to LIS/HIS system to realize remote operation and maintenance.





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