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CS-400 Auto Chemistry Analyzer


The CS-400 auto-chemistry analyzer is a high-performance routine analyzer. It is the ideal instrument for medium sized laboratories. It offers a performance of up to 88 photometric items and 3 ISE items analysis simultaneously.

  • Holographic concave flat field grating with rear spectrophotometry and cluster optical path to achieve micro volume detection of reaction solution.
  • Large-volume sample disk to provide more positions
  • 60nm polished probe with functions of clot detection, collision protection and automatic resetting.
  • Liquid level detection to reduce carry-over contamination on probe surface.
  • 2 refrigerated reagent compartments with 90 reagent positions and 1 sample compartment with 115 sample positions.
  • Constant throughput 400T/H for photometry test and the maximum throughput is 800 T/H with a 600 T/H ISE
  • Connectable to LIS/HIS system to realize remote operation and maintenance.



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